Crafting Concepts, Building Realities

In the dynamic realm of design and engineering, Santki stands as a beacon of innovation and precision. With four decades of experience, we’ve fostered bonds and close partnerships with factories across the globe. Whether envisioning groundbreaking solutions, quoting from existing drawings, or refining prototypes from samples provided, Santki’s design and engineering capabilities are your gateway to transformation.

Our Multifaceted Capabilities

At Santki, our capabilities are as diverse as they are dynamic. Our engineering expertise spans a multitude of disciplines, enabling us to address your unique requirements with unparalleled finesse. Our comprehensive capabilities encompass:

CNC Machining

Precision meets innovation with our CNC machining services, delivering intricately crafted components with exacting specifications.

Die Casting

Transforming molten metals into finely detailed shapes, our die casting services set new standards in quality and efficiency.

Pressure Casting

High-pressure casting yields components with exceptional precision, ready to elevate your projects.

Injection Moulding

Our injection moulding services deliver intricate designs with impeccable consistency and durability.

Bespoke Fasteners

Tailored fastener solutions that perfectly fit your needs, ensuring secure connections across your projects.

CNC Turning

Precision and craftsmanship merge seamlessly in our CNC turning services, creating components that defy expectations.


Turning raw materials into functional masterpieces, our fabrication services bring concepts to life.

Assembly Work

Expertly assembling components to build intricate systems, fostering cohesion and reliability.

Rubber Moulding

Transforming rubber into tailored solutions that enhance functionality and longevity.

Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting services sculpt materials with precision, defining every detail flawlessly.

Powder Coating

Enhancing durability and aesthetics, our powder coating services elevate the visual and functional appeal of your components.


Adding a layer of protection and style, our plating services ensure longevity and visual excellence.


Why Santki?

Navigating Varied Resources

Every client engagement is unique, marked by diverse in-house capabilities, experiences, and resources. Santki understands the dynamic nature of this landscape and thrives on collaboration. Our approach is adaptive, bridging gaps and synchronising efforts to bring your projects to fruition.

Bridging the Gap

Whether your in-house resources are expansive or modest, our expertise seamlessly complements your capabilities. We step in as an extension of your team, filling the gaps to ensure the realisation of your vision.

Supporting Every Step

From design conception to material selection, our guidance is calibrated to enhance your existing expertise. We bring precision to each stage, refining your concepts into tangible achievements

Empowering Your Vision

At Santki, we’re not just engineers; we’re partners in innovation. Together, we amplify your resources, turning challenges into opportunities and aspirations into achievements.

Working with an Array of Materials

Our proficiency isn’t confined to a single material. Santki has mastered working with a wide spectrum of materials, including: Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Rubber, Plastic

Your Partner in Progress

Santki’s Design and engineering services encapsulate the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and precision. No matter your project’s complexity, your in-house resources, or your aspirations, we’re here to engineer excellence alongside you. Reach out to us today and embark on a journey where innovation thrives and possibilities are endless.

Let’s Work Together