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Santki is recognised as a leading global supplier of special and standard industrial use products. With over 30 years of experience in global sourcing, we have firmly established a unique supplier - partner and customer network, spanning five continents.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified registered company, with extensive experience of sourcing from our numerous partners, we can take advantage of lower manufacturing costs, offering you the most competitive prices on your existing and new prospective products. Our team aims to source any product that you may conceive, offering products customized to your own needs and requirements.

In addition, we are committed to ensuring high standards of quality; all our suppliers are certified, which means each of our customers benefit of quality and reliability throughout every stage of the global sourcing process.

We endeavour to make the global sourcing process as streamlined and stress-free for you as possible. We offer a comprehensive service from your initial enquiry through to design, sampling, quality control and production to the final delivery anywhere in the world.

We also offer a professional consultancy service to improve your company’s productivity.


International Sourcing

Through our long-term relationships, we are privileged to work with over 1000+ different factories and companies, serving our clients bespoke needs

Design & Engineering

Our deep understanding of clients specific needs has led us to work in partnership to develop new products, continually innovating

Storage & Supply

With offices and storage facilities in 2 continents,  we work in partnership with logistics and service sectors to ensure timely supply of products required

Industrial Building
They have the knowledge and ability to get what we need, with superb attention to detail throughout


Let's Work Together

19a Tenby Street North, Birmingham B1 3EN

United Kingdom

+44 (0121) 233 3222

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